Business Income Tax

Business Income Tax

We can simplify the preparation of your business income tax. Whether you're a partner, sole proprietor, corporation, or limited liability company, your business has to conform to relevant tax regulations. Filing taxes for a business isn't a quick and easy process. It's even more complicated for small businesses, freelancers and consultants, who have to become familiar with many more tax codes and regulations. For example, besides income taxes, there are self-employment taxes, estimated taxes and employment taxes to consider.
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Preparation Business Income Tax

We will handle your business income taxes quickly, professionally, and accurately. If you are self-employed, we walk you through statutory taxes, which are Social Security and Medicare obligations. Additionally, we structure the business advantageously to minimize your tax liability.

If you have employees, there are many more considerations than if you run a one-person shop. For example, you are required to collect and pay employment taxes, such as federal income tax withholding, Social Security taxes, and unemployment taxes for your employees.

If you are a manufacturer, excise taxes may also apply to your business. We assist your manufacturing or sales company in determining whether excise taxes apply and what your obligation is. We make the process as painless as possible and fill out the necessary forms for your review.

Business Tax Planning

  • Timing the tax payment to fit your sales cycle best

  • Claiming tax credits to reduce your taxes

  • Reducing your taxable income through strategic deductions

  • Applying different strategies to get the most benefit of the tax code for your tax liability that you are entitled to

For example, automobile or corporate vehicle use, travel for business purposes, and entertainment related to growing your business reduce your income and tax debt.


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