Professional Payroll

Professional Payroll

Wagon Enterprise LLC sees the need for professional and secure handling of your company payroll. You may have one employee or a dozen or more employees. We provide payroll services and take over the headache of getting payroll right. Whether you pay your team members weekly, biweekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, we can set up a system to ensure that everyone gets their payment on time.
If you sell products or services, you are probably also required to collect sales taxes and state and local taxes. This includes businesses that sell services, such as restaurants, physical fitness training, or chauffeur services. As the business owner, you are responsible for ensuring these taxes are paid accurately.
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Excellent Payroll Service

Here are just some of the payroll tasks we handle as standalone services or as part of a comprehensive agreement:
  • W-2 processing

    We will run your company’s payroll and file the W-2s electronically.

  • Employee Pay Stubs

    We can email, print, or mail your employee’s Pay Stubs.

  • Direct Deposit

    Are you tired of printing payroll checks? We can save your time and money by enrolling your employees through direct deposit.

  • Weekly, biweekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payments

    We can help you set up a payment schedule that will let you choose your employee’s pay date.

  • Tax withholding and payments

    We will calculate and file all your payroll taxes and provide you with unlimited access to payroll reports.

  • 1099 Misc for Freelancers

    If you have paid a Contractor or Freelance more than $600 a year, you might be required to file 1099 Misc. We can file and submit this form to the IRS electronically.


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